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We constantly work with our suppliers and partners to reduce the environmental impact of our products and services. We aim to develop products and services that give our customers good value and reduce environmental impact.

It’s all about thinking ahead. Considering all aspects of our impact on the environment. We have been environmentally certified under ISO 14001 since 2013, and we simply know what has to happen for us to be able to say that we are working sustainably.

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NCS is a leading player when it comes to products and services in the field of refrigerated and frozen displays and storage. We sell and hire, we stock and distribute commercial coolers and freezers to the retailers and brands across Europe. Our head office and warehouse is based in Köping Sweden.

The product range includes a combination of products from different plants and suppliers. Even though it's difficult for NCS to influence the heavyweight manufacturers the company's range does feature only of environmentally adapted coolers, freezers and accessories. This is an important parameter in our selection of purchased products.

NCS does not have its own manufacturing or design but profiles the products based on the customers' own graphic profiles.

NCS works actively as a link in the logistics chain with well-planned freight operations and maintains a dialogue with our freight customers to reduce our environmental impact while at the same time benefiting our “product”.

Our environmental management system covers all environmental work with our products and services. It applies not only to our own activities but also to areas where we can assist in influencing parts of the product’s life cycle. We make environmental demands on our partners who are thereby integrated into our environmental work. We always take applicable legislation and our customer's requirements and expectations as a basis for our work to limit the environmental impact of our products and services.


We spend many hours together with our customers and business partners calculating and planning the demand for fridges in the coming seasons. We think about "the right model for the right product" and "the right time for delivery and collection".


We optimise our deliveries and plan purchases of coolers and freezers well in advance. As far as possible, we make sure to bring back full trucks and containers. Our service engineers also plan for more effective use of their time to reduce journeys.


We work mainly with products that use the latest technology and the greenest designs. Needless to say the products are fitted with energy-efficient LED lights and environmentally-friendly refrigerants like R290 and R600a and more. We also work with automatic defrosting and another new technical development of "smart energysaving coolers". These have various smart functions to reduce the environmental impact of our products and ensure stable operation and low running costs.


NCS's own refurbishment department handles many thousand products per year and as long as it is possible and as long as it is sustainable we re-use refrigerators and freezers. We assess the units based on age use, condition and availability of spare parts before we send them on for refurbishment. When we send them out to be used in new areas, they look as good as new again. Feel free to contact us if you are looking for an external partner for your equipment!


Trained refrigeration engineers handle all the after-sales service for our products. We always try to establish what the fault might be before we go to where the fridge is installed. We aim at just one visit to fix whatever is not working in order to save journeys, so the engineers need to have the right equipment with them when they go on a call.


Continuous improvement of our procedures and processes puts us well ahead in terms of development and what our current and future customers need. We see what works and apply effective working practices and methods. This also makes a difference for our partners.


We work in a structured way with tools and models that have been created to ensure that the products and services we sell and handle meet external and internal requirements and standards. We are certified according to the environmental standard ISO 14001 and the quality standard ISO 9001.


Read more about the certifications and standards below.