seNordic Cooling Solutions

About NCS

When we started our business in 2009 we saw a gap on the professional plug-in refrigeration market. Both of our owners Mikael Fyrpihl and Niklas Lundkvist come originally from sales roles in the food and drinks industry and in these functions they could never find a supplier of coolers and freezers who could offer a complete total solution to handle all details around the products in a efficient way.

It became NCS's mission to arrange a tailormade totalsolution and now about 15 years later we see more and more examples of how our customers are choosing our efficient model which we simply call ' NCS Total Solution'.

We started just as a supplier of drink coolers.

Now we are the leading supplier of coolers and freezers for all products that need to be chilled and the leading partner for retailers and chains who look for a costefficient and flexible store.


'Total Solution' provides our customers with a solution adapted to their needs, which gives them full control over their equipment and safeguards their ROI.

Although we are just a small company in Köping Sweden we are now marketleaders in our field and working in over 10 countries in Europe with a annual turnover of < 150 miljon sek.


Cool products. Warm-hearted people.

Our mission is to do the best for our customers and always to give that little bit extra. For us this is something of a lifestyle and in our DNA. We don’t give up until we have helped you. Our aim is always a happy client, or actually a more than happy one!