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Working with NCS since 2010 we have trusted them to handle us all aspects of the NCS Total Solution to have a optimal, effective and selling solution.

"They have been able to offer us the absolute best solution from purchases of coolers, logistics, refurbishment, logistics and administrative supportteam. As a company in a continuous growth phase, we are unable to sign any large contracts to order a specific number of refrigerators and freezers each year. We require flexible and responsive solutions, and NCS is the only refrigeration company that can provide it."

"They have dared to take risks with us during the way which is the big difference and unique"


"Arla Foods has entered into a larger collaboration with NCS around storage,refurbishment and the other Total solutions in the package offered.  This partnership offers a one-stop shop solution that simplifies our operations and offers us financial benefits."

"NCS provides increased control over our equipment while also offering the flexibility of having the entire cooling chain managed under one roof. This helps avoid multiple collaboration partners and this has proven to be costefficient and professional during the years."

"NCS as a partner is extremely fast in response and very professional. This is critical for Arla as we strive to make it easier for our salespeople in their daily work . Our sales team needs to be able to quickly and efficiently handle questions and orders from the market which will be made possible thanks to NCS and this comprehensive solution with the Total Solution and thw systems behind it."


"I am extremely satisfied with both the freezers and the impact they have had in-store for us. Prior to working with NCS we purchased freezers on our own but however since NCS provided us with their Total Solution that includes delivery, collection, refurbishment and branding I no longer see a reason to do so. The process is very efficient and we can manage much of it through the portal."

"The freezers are beneficial not only for our stores but also for the brands and customers. Customers are able to easily compare and choose from a variety of models and brands. NCS solution allows us to brand our own frozen food displays and creates a neat and uniform appearance."



“It was important for us to be able to place orders quickly and have an overview of the coolers out there at our customers. NCS webportal is a very good solution for us.”


“We wanted to find a good freezer model that we could send out on demand to new retailers. It was important for us to work in close partnership with suppliers and obtain quick service to avoid storing food and provide our customers with fast and efficient service.”

“It is great to have found such a close business partner. NCS feels like part of our company and they care about us and engage with our procedures and our customers. We get prompt and personal service and feel a lot of WARMTH from this COOL company!”