seNordic Cooling Solutions


NCS RetailSolutions works with plug-in refrigerators, freezers, Waterloopsolutions and coldrooms for stores in the grocery trade that want to find a cost-effective refrigeration solution for new establishments, conversions or combinations with their own remoterefrigerator in line with the technology change brought about by the F-gas ordinance.

A lot happens in our industry - and it happens fast. The future is not given to everyone.

What does growth look like in your market? Which competitors are coming? How will the growing e-commerce affect the store? Which range will grow with you?

As a retailer you want flexible stores. Being able to quickly shift up and down, optimize, change and seasonally adapt. To test new or reject ideas is the modern way of storeoperations. Anyone who has rebuilt a freezer department knows what it costs and how messy it can be. With the NCS Retailsolutions you can count on a flexible way of working.

We are not saying that plug-in and waterloopcooling is the solution for everyone, but do not dismiss it. A lot has happened in the industry and with the technology. It's not about choosing one or the other, it's about finding the mix that is right for your store. With the right mix, you get a flexible store - and save investment costs.

NCS has cooperation agreements with some of Europe's largest plants and manufacturers - and we can deliver the refrigerators and freezers directly when ordering.